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Carpe Diem


I woke

to news of your death,

and it was just

another reminder

that this life

is but a flash,

a gift

we must seize

and cherish

every day,

and that none of us


just how long

we have

to laugh with friends,

to kiss those we love,

and to make our mark

before the reaper

comes knocking.



When it began,

I never figured


would ever read

the words I wrote,

they were like


from a cigarette,

drifting through

my fingers

and onto the page,

the ashes became

the sentences

and dialogue

of characters

that would carry me through

the darkest of days,

providing comfort

when nothing else could,

not even

the soothing numbness

alcohol provided,

or the warm embrace

of another human being,

and now

this smoke is thicker,


like that of a


burning deep within me,

drifting farther out,


to others,

to the world,

that I am coming,

that I will be

with them



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