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Excerpt from "Pain & Longing" 



They move

and breathe

in those

fluttering moments

between consciousness

and dreaming,

waiting to devour

our longing,

lonely hearts.


"Yesterday's Flesh"

I walked through Hell,

black and hollow, sifting the ashes

to see where the light was coming from,

and I saw you, dripping with lust,

skin the color of bleached bone, hair

insidious as oil, grinning like cracked glass,

a broken-down soul, arms like serpents

reaching for me, for anyone to save you

from yourself,

and all I could do was stare,

tears streaming down my carrion face,

as the horror show we called Love

dissolved into yesterday’s flesh.


"Dreams and Death"

Sitting at the bar

sipping on bourbon

an old man

slumps on the stool

next to me

orders a Guinness

talks to the bartender

to me

to the pretty girl

three stools down

about jobs

about basketball

about politics

about war

about women

I hear it

in his voice

the desperation

the loneliness

no one to go home to

no one to love

after a while

he rises

says “ah well”

lets out a heavy sigh

limps to the door

with nothing left

to look forward to

but dreams

and death.

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