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And so it begins...

For the longest time I've avoided this whole "blog" thing. I never really saw much of a point to it personally. The idea of blogging felt more like a homework assignment than anything I'd actually enjoy taking time out of my life to do. That's not to say I haven't found other people's blogs highly entertaining or useful or informative in some way, quite the opposite actually. Over the years I've read countless blog posts on varying topics that have enlightened my ways of thinking or that have bestowed me with knowledge on topics I'd never entertained before. Blogs that have made me think, laugh, or feel nostalgic for something (or someone) I'd long since forgotten about. So for those writers who embraced the blog train early on it worked out well for them. But for me, the blog was just something else that would take time away from the type of writing I really wanted to write - fiction - because I am, admittedly, a slow writer. (And yes, I am quite aware that people have been waiting for me to finish "the book" for some time now, and yes, it is highly overdue.) Yet to me, devoting time to a regular blog felt comparable to spending all of your free time writing that dreaded research paper for a college class you hate when all you really want to do is go hang out with your friends. I just didn't want to do it. I was tired of homework assignments and wanted to play - to focus on real writing.

More recently however, I've begun to rethink my original perceptions of the blog, realizing that perhaps I too may have something to contribute to others via blog posts - advice about writing or publishing, insights that might spawn creative thought, a cool story or even just share a couple of laughs. On occasion I've been known to become highly passionate about one subject or another, and while sometimes these emotional tirades have been expressed through a fictional medium, other times they've ended up as nothing more than drunken rants to whomever happens to be lucky (or unlucky, depending on the subject and level of intensity) to be around me at the time. But through a blog I can share with you all of the things that inspire or amuse me, my observations and opinions and objections of the world at large. I can talk about my writing, post updates as to how the book is progressing, review the occasional book or movie, or simply vent about the things that get under my skin. And maybe you'll say "well why the hell do we care about any of that?" and maybe you won't. It's okay, I won't hold it against you (until your birthday rolls around), but then maybe you'll actually enjoy a post or two, or find it useful in your own way.

And so here I go, venturing into this blogging world for the first time, unsure where it will lead or whether I'll regret it, but I welcome you to join me on this virtual roller coaster and see how far it takes us. I'd like to hear back from you, to know I'm not entirely alone on this journey. So sit back and strap yourself in, pour a drink, say hello, and join in the discussions. As the great Hunter S. Thompson once wrote, "Buy the ticket, take the ride."

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